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Laboratory Emulsification Homogenizing System
Laboratory emulsification homogeneous system is Suitable for small-scale experiments. It is used for batch mixing, homogenizing, emulsifying, and dispersion for capacities up to 5 liters.
Lab Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer
The lab vacuum emulsifying mixer unit is composed of four components, an electronic controller, a water phase dissolving tank, an oil phase dissolving tank and the vacuum homogenizing.
Laboratory Emulsification Pump
The Laboratory emulsifying pump is a motor driven rotor that rotates at high speed. It makes the particle size of liquid-liquid and liquid-solid materials more fine by external mechanical force, and evenly distributes
Lab Powder Liquid Mixer
Lab powder liquid mixer draws the powder into the liquid stream by vacuum inhaling the powder, Lab powder liquid mixer not only disperses and hydrates large quantities of powder
Laboratory High Shear Homogeneous Machine
When looking for new lab equipment, it's important to conduct thorough research to get the right tools and good return on investment.
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